Mr Bonar Law said that an effort must be made to distinguish our activities in the Baltic States from the larger Russian policy. We had undertaken to support the Baltic States against the menace of Bolshevism.

Mr Chamberlain said that we had decided that we were not going to fight the Bolsheviks all along the line. It was beyond the capacity of France and Britain to do so, and the United States would not co-operate. That could be made plain to the General Staff. They should address themselves to the question of what was necessary to prevent the Baltic States from being submerged (taken over by the Bolsheviks).

Mr Churchill said that the General Staff could only proceed on certain hypotheses [in other words, they needed to know what they were likely to be asked to do], and he wished again to impress the War Cabinet that the danger (the threat of Bolshevism) was growing every moment and spreading with extraordinary rapidity.