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Video Quiz - Answers

1) Archbishop Laud’s changes to the Church of England were unpopular with Puritans for three of the four points. Find the odd one out:

Churches were decorated with candles and crosses.
The services are no longer simple.
There was less music and singing.
The churches seemed to be becoming more "Catholic".

2) Which group was behind the execution of the Earl Strafford?


3) Pick two points which show that events in Scotland caused the outbreak of war:

The Scots rebelled against the English Prayer book.
Scotland supported the Irish Rebellion.
The Scots were against a system of bishops.
The Scots forced the King to call parliament to demand more taxes to raise an army.

4) What was the main reason for the Irish rebellion?

The Irish wanted to end the settlement of Protestants in Ireland.
The Irish were acting as spies for the Pope.
The Irish wanted to bring back the Catholic faith in England.
They wanted to unite the Catholics living in England and seize power.

5) Pick two reasons why some people felt Charles I could not be trusted:

Charles I believed in his rights as king
He was acting above the law in his attempt to arrest of 5 members of the House of Commons
Charles I was misled by his advisers.
Charles I had demanded ship money and other taxes without asking Parliament.

6) The differences of opinion shared by the characters in the video show us that the causes for the outbreak of war in 1642 were:

Straight forward.
Mostly based on different religious viewpoints.
Due to the fact that Charles chose his ministers unwisely.
Based on a wide range of factors.

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