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What kind of ruler was Oliver Cromwell?

Case study 2: Cromwell in the eyes of others - Source 2

Simplified transcript

Portrait of Oliver Cromwell, c.1655

(National Portrait Gallery, London: 5274)

[Extra explanations are in square brackets.]

1. [We ask] that your Highness, as Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland and their territories, will please hold the office of chief judge of these nations. [We ask] that you will rule according to all the things contained in this Petition and Advice, and in all other things according to the laws of these nations (and not otherwise). [We ask] your Highness to please appoint during your lifetime the person who shall, immediately after your death, succeed you in the government of these nations.

2. [We ask] that your Highness will, in the future, please call Parliaments made up of two Houses (in such a way as will be agreed in detail later on and stated in this Petition and Advice) once every three years or oftener, …

4. [We ask] that all persons who have:
aided, advised or assisted in any war against the Parliament since the 1st of January 1641 (unless they have since fought for the Parliament or your Highness, or otherwise shown their good will to the Commonwealth, and continued faithful to the Commonwealth), and
all who have actually joined in any plot or plan against your Highness, or in any rebellion in England or Wales since the 16th of December 1653,
be forever banned from being elected, or having a vote in the election of any member to serve in Parliament…

6. [We ask] that in all other details which concern the calling and holding of Parliaments, your Highness will please keep the laws of the land. [We ask] that no laws be changed, suspended or ended, or new laws made, except by Act of Parliament…

11. [We ask] that the true Protestant Christian religion, as is contained in the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testament, and no other, be declared and defended as the public religion of these nations…