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What kind of ruler was Oliver Cromwell?

Case study 1: Cromwell in his own words - Source 6

Simplified transcript

Cromwell’s thoughts about his job, 13 April 1657

(W.C. Abbott (ed.), The writings and speeches of Oliver Cromwell, Vol. III, p. 470. Published by Harvard University Press, Cambridge, 1947)

I am a man standing in the job I am in - a job I took not so much because of the hope of doing any good, but because of wanting to prevent mischief and evil, which I saw was coming to the nation. I saw we were running headlong into confusion and disorder, and would come to bloodshed. I agreed to those that wanted me to take the job that I now have [Lord Protector]. ……

And so I am not arguing for one name compared with another, and so have nothing to say to any arguments that prefer either Kingship or Protectorship. I should think that almost any name would be better than my name. I would think any person fitter than I am for such business, and that’s not a compliment, God knows it! ……

as far as I can, I am ready to serve, not as a king, but as an officer [of the law]. For truly, as before God, I have often thought that I could not say what my business or job was, except by comparing it with a good officer keeping the peace of the community. And truly, during the troubles that I have been through, it has made me content and happy that you have peace.