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Why did Britain become a republic?

Case study 2: New government - Source 4


Accounts of public money used in Ireland, with the portrait and symbols of Cromwell and the Commonwealth

(Catalogue ref: SP 63/281)

The accompt of all Mony Received and Paid for Publiq[ue] use in Ireland viz as well of what hath bene Received from the Threasurers att Warre in England as hath Growne due within ye Dominion of Ireland

by way of Assessments, Sequestrations, Sequestred Rents, Excise and Customes, Tithes and Casualties of all Sorts Extracted out of the Accompts of the said Treasurers of Warre, Treasurers of the Respective Precincts, Receivors Gen[era]ll of Ireland, Collectors of Customes and Excise, Impostmasters, Rent Receivors and other persons Accomptable for Publiq[ue] Revenue hereafter in this Accompt perticularized Which Accompt have bene Examined proved and Allowed etc by William Steele esq Lord Chancellor of Ireland And divers other Commission[er]s appointed for determining Accompts by virtue of L[ett]res Patent given and granted unto the said Commission by his Highnesse the Lord Protector the Tenor whereof followeth in these words viz Oliver by the Grace of God Lord Protector of the Com[m]onwealth of England Scotland and Ireland and the dominions thereunto belonging to our Trusty and well beloved Henry Cromwell esq Com[m]ander in chief of all the Forces in our dominion of Ireland, William Steele esq Chancellor of our said dominion of Ireland, Richard Pepys esq Cheife Justice of our Upper Bench, Miles Corbett esq Cheife Baron of our Court of Excheq[ue]r, Robert Goodwin esq, Mathew Tomlinson esq, and William Bury esq of our Councell of the said dominion, Sir Gerrard Lowther kn[igh]t Cheife Justice of our Court of Comon Pleas, S[i]r John Temple, kn[igh]t, Mast[e]r of our Rolls, S[i]r Robert Meredith, kn[igh]t, Chancell[o]r of our Excheq[ue]r, S[i]r Charles Coote, kn[igh]t and Baronett, President of our Province of Connaught, S[ir] Hardresse Waller kn[igh]t, Major Generall of our Foote in our said dominion, S[ir] Robert King kn[igh]t, Commissioner gen[era]ll of our Musters in our said dominion, William Basill, esq our Attorney Gen[era]ll, Arthur Hill esq John Bridges esq, Robert Southwell esq Robert Gorges and Edward Roberts esq our Auditors Generall, Greetings. Whereas we are given to understand That Greate Sums of mony and large Quantitys of Armes ammunic[I]on and Provisions of all Sorts have bene received and issued by severall persons within our said dominion of Ireland The Accompts of which by reason of the Rebellions and Warre have not yet bene fully determined which being a matter of greate Importance for the service of the Comonwealth. Knowe yee therefore that we of our speciall grace, certaine knowledge and meere motion Have constituted, Nominated Ordained, Assigned and appointed and by these presents for us and our Successors doe Constitute, nominate, ordain, Assign and appoint you and every of you and any five or more of you to be our Commissioners in this behalfe And wee doe by these presents give and grant unto you or any five or more of you as aforesaid full power and authoritie to call before you Our Domine Threasurer, the Receivour Generall of our Revenue in our said dominion of Ireland nowe being or hereafter to be the Threasurer at Warre of our said dominion now being or hereafter to be, the collectours and comptrollers of our Customes and new imposts of our said dominion, the Lieutenant Generall and comptroller of our ordinance, the Surveyor or clerk of our Portes, the commissioners of our stores and munitions and victuals, ye clerk of our hanaper, the clerke or receivour of our issues and casualtyes and all other receivour or receivours, accomptant or accomptants whatsoever that now are or lately have bene whereafter shall be inployed or intrusted with the Receipt or that have receyved, issued any publique monyes armes, ammunition or habiliment of Warre, cloths, provisions, or other thing or things whatsoever for which accompts ought to be made unto us in our said dominion. And that you our said commissioners or any five or more of you doe require them or every of them exhibitt unto you our said commissioners aforesaid all such accompts, states and declarations of accompt, books certificates and warrants bills and muniments whatsoever as shall touch or conserne the Charge or discharge of ye said accompt or any of them remain in those accomptant’s handes or Custody or which doe remain in the handes, custody or possession of any of our officers or minister in the said dominion of Ireland. And all such accompts, states, declarations…