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Why did Britain become a republic?

Case study 2: New government - Source 3


A poem from May 1649 commenting on the new situation in England

(Catalogue ref: SP 9/246/21)

What yet more fasts, by Rebells made?
Oh! what saynted Devills
Are these, who on our Lord have layd
Their Murthers, Sins and Evills.

What doe they think Democracy?
Is by the Lord approv'd:
No, no, they'le finde by Monarchy,
Ere longt'will be remov'd:

Their Snivelling forth Rebellion in,
The Pulpit doth vex:
Our God, and will but hasten him,
T'inthrone yong CAROLVS REX.

Then Tom, and Nol, Ireton and Phill-
The Dray-man Pryde shall drive,
Upon a Sledge up Houle-bourne-Hill,
Till at Tyburne they arrive