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Why did Britain become a republic?

Case study 1: Death of Charles I - Source 1


A request from army leaders at Putney to Parliament, October 1647

(Catalogue ref: SP 9/245)

Whereas a paper delivered to the Commissioners of Parliament, residing with the Army, from and in the name of this councel (Bearing date the twenty-third day of September) wee did upon the grounds, and for the reason therein expressed, desire, That if the arrears due from the City to this Army should not by the time then limitted to be paid in, the Parliament would thinke of some course by way of penalty to increase the sum and give power in the General (with directions from the Committee of the Army) to leavy upon the residers, both the summe formerly due & also the additionall penalties. Now for as much as the said Arrears are not yet paid in nor leavied, wee herby renew our humble desires to the Parliament.