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Why did people want the king back in 1646?

Case study 2: Viewpoints 1645-46 - Source 4


Extract from a political pamphlet against the king, June 1646

(Catalogue ref: SP 16/514/33)

Proving that we ought not to part with the MILITIA

Nor indeed to any other, but the Honourable House of COMMONS

1. Wee conceive it is Treason to our selves and ours, to put the lives of Millions, so their estates and liberties, into the power of one man, their servant, so that the murthers, rapes, rapines or abuses, he shall commit, by himselfe, or his, are unavoidable, wee are also guilty of them, for it is to sell our Birth rights, (that is the power of our lives, estates and liberties, which is ours by nature) for a messe of Pottage, or rather for nothing. Esau was well paid for his, in comparison of our selves, for necessitated to a famishing, he had sustenance for support. Yet what is his Birth right of Elder-ship, to what wee part with, it was but a point of Opinion, not of Power, as ours is? But to part with the Militia, is to inslave ourselves, and ours, to the Will of the Wilfull, so it is the height of prophanesse.

2. It is against the law of Nature, reason, and humane justice, for that he having such power in his hand, may overthrow us all, ad placitum.

3. It is against the law and will of God, so divine Ordination, that millions should be at the mercy of one man, their servant, in their lives, estates and liberties; and therefore God excepts against it, and warnes the People against it, telling them how their king might abuse them, by reason of his too large betrusted power, vide, 1 Sam, 8 Repented as a great sin 1 Sam 12.

4. All our lawes then are of no use, and all the bloud shed, is as water spilt upon the ground, lost to no purpose.