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Why did people want the king back in 1646?

Case study 2: Viewpoints 1645-46 - Source 1


Extract from a letter written by a lady wanting peace, 17 October 1645

(Catalogue ref: SP 16/511/27)

can not but hope a generall pesse is at hand, as unwil as som be to have it so, but all the reason is left me tels me it must be so, and I trust you ar of that minde, althoe I wonder under faver I hear no moer talke of it in this partes that it is a thinge desired by your master and thos about him, and befor this that somthinge had bin don but I fear to manie ar against this blesinge had wee anie thinge to chuse of, in this distractions it maught be disputed, but I thinke that past time a dae after so muche ille sukses; it tis not feet for me to sae anie moer, but prae for pease and to be content withe suche a one as we can gette, …