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Why did people want the king back in 1646?

Case study 1: Effects of war 1642-45 - Source 1


A letter written by a Parliament officer, Nehemiah Wharton, 13 September 1642

(Catalogue ref: SP 16/492/11)

… Sabath day Sept the 3d wee peacably injoyed. Munday morninge I was informed by a cuntrey man of a base priest 6 miles distant which had set out horse for the Commission of aray and had armes in his house, and I immediately got 20 musketteers and marched out to search the house, the cuntry man I clothed with a soildiours red coate gave him armes and made him my guide, but havinge marched 2 miles certaine gentlemen of the cuntrey informed mee that Justice Edmonde a man of good conversation was plundered by the base blewcoats of colonell Cholmleys regiment and bearaved of the very beeds whereupon I immediately devided my men into 3 squadrons surrounded them and forced then to bringe their pillage up, ...

Wensday morninge wee had tidings that prince Robert that diabolical cavalere had surrounded Lester and demanded two thowsand pounds or else threatened to plunder the towne whereupon our soildious were even madde to be at them but wanted commission …

Fryday morninge worthy Mr Obediah Sedgwith gave us a worthy sermon and my company in particular marched to heare him in ranke and file Mr John Sedgwith was appointed to preach in the after noone but we had newes that prince Robert had plundered Harbrough and fire some adjacent townes …