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Why did people go to war in 1642?

Case study 2: 1640-42 - Source 5


Report of rebellion in Ireland, November 1641

(Catalogue ref: SP 16/485/58)

The Treasone being thus discovered did spread a pace through out the north of Ireland where the Rebellion first began and in severall places in severall bodies are of the papists upp in armes, above 10 thowsand men which doth much perplex the poorer protestants, and greate feare whether they shall bee able either to suppresse or resist them. Whereupon our parlament hath addressed my Lord of Leicester Lord Lieutenant & all other Comaunders here ever speedily to repare thither & doe furnish 50 thowsand pownds to carrie along with them which the Cittie of London advances for providing of men & armes to secure that kingdome. Some blood the villains have shedd & committed greate outrages; and taken some Castles and other places of strength, but if they had taken Dublin, upon the rack divers have confessed in a shorte time they would not have leefte a Protestant alive in the wholle kingdome but God in his Mercy hath prevaented that slaughter & hath turned parte of it upon them selves. The Traytors give out the Late Tyranie of the Lord of Strafford upon them moved them to it and that by the examples of the Scotts; they hoped to purchase such priviledges by this meanes in their Religion, as otherwise they never expected to have graanted to them.