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Why did people go to war in 1642?

Case study 2: 1640-42 - Source 2

Simplified transcript

Report of disputes between Charles and Parliament in early 1640

(Catalogue ref: SP 16/452/33)

[Extra explanations are in square brackets.]

The King yesterday offered to give up ship money [a kind of tax] if the House of Commons would supply him with 12 subsidies [grants of money]. They were not happy with this. They also wanted to be relieved of the military cost which was from the recruiting and maintaining of soldiers. They also protested a lot about changes in religion. They brought up other complaints, but these were the main ones they complained of. And had they been well advised, I think they might in time have got what they wanted. But they went on with their business in a noisy and confused way, which offended His Majesty so much that this morning he ended the Parliament.