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Why did people go to war in 1642?

Case study 1: 1637-39 - Source 1


A proclamation by Charles I on playing cards and dice, 1638

(Catalogue ref: SP 45/10/212)

Source 1a

By the King.

A Proclamation touching the Manufactures of Playing-Cards, and Dice.

The Kings most Excellent Majesty, for the better imployment and relief of the Card-makers and Dice-makers of the Realme, having of late taken order for a constant weekly buying and taking off from them, of their Manufactures of Cards and Dice, Whereby they may be enabled to live their Trades: And for prevention of these common abuses which have been and are still practiced, by the use of false Cards and Dice, to great deceit and dammage of his Subjects, his Majestie, by his Letters, Patents, under his Great Seale of England, bearing date the nine and twentieth day of April, in the thirteenth yeere of his Reign, hath appointed an Officer for the Searching and Sealing of all such good merchantable Cards and Dice, as now are or shall be hereafter either made within this Realme, or Imported into the same from any forraine, or other parts, before the said Cards and Dice shall be uttered or put to sale.

Source 1b

His Majesty therefore doth hereby declare his Royall Will and Pleasure to be, and doth straightly Charge and Command, That all person or persons whatsoever, aswell Makers of Cards and Dice within the Realm, as Merchants or others, who shall import the same from forrain or other parts, do from henceforth from time to time, bring the same Cards and Dice to his Majesties Officer, or his Deputies in London, and other remote places, to be there viewed, examined, and sealed, if they shall be found good and merchantable; paying to his Majesties said Officer, or his Deputies, upon the sealing thereof, such allowance and fee, as by his Majesties said Letters patents is appointed in that behalf.