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Why did people go to war in 1642?

Case study 1: 1637-39 - Source 1

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A proclamation by Charles I on playing cards and dice, 1638

(Catalogue ref: SP 45/10/212)

Source 1a

By the King.

An announcement about the making of playing cards and dice.

For the better employment and welfare of the card-makers and dice-makers of the realm, the King has recently given an order for a constant weekly buying of the cards and dice they make, so that they can live off their trades. And to prevent the common abuses, still being practiced, caused by the use of false cards and dice, deceiving and damaging his subjects, His Majesty (dated 29 April 1638) has appointed an officer for finding and giving the seal of approval to all cards and dice made in this realm, or imported from any foreign parts, before these cards and dice are put on sale.

Source 1b

His Majesty wants and commands that all persons whatsoever, including makers of cards and dice within the realm, and merchants or others who import them from foreign parts, should now bring these cards and dice to His Majesty's officer, or his deputies in London and other remote places, to be viewed, examined and given the seal of approval if they are good and saleable. For this seal they will pay His Majesty's officer or his deputies the fees set out in His Majesty's official document.