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What kind of king was Charles I?

Case study 2: Charles I as a ruler - Source 4


A petition against royal taxes from the town of Woodbridge in Suffolk, February 1627

(Catalogue ref: SP 16/55/59)

Source 4a

May it please your good Lordshipps to take into your grave consideration the causes & reasons which they the said Inhabitants doe humbly offer to your Lordshipps in the excuse of them not proceeding therein accordinge to that which was of them requires which be as followeth

First … the same is a poore county towne …

Secondly they have been all waies charged with the rest of the county for the razzinge of the late Kinge Majesties materialle for his buildinge att Newmarkett & are still charged Towarde his Majesties provision for his household, Towarde the Repayinge and watchinge of Beacons, Towarde the provision of powder & watche and the wages of Soldiers & officers in the band for every five weekes trayninge, Towarde the store of powder Matches & Bullette to be provided, Towarde the Carte provide several tooles & Naggs for every of them, Toward the charge of 3000 men to march into Kent upon any certeine notice or Hazad, And 5000 men upon the Coaste of Suffolk & 4000 men to march to Yarmouth upon the like occasions, And towarde all other charge, with the country be charged with.

Source 4b

Thirdly the owners of shippinge within the said Towne are not in a manner above Eight or Nine & those but Collyers onely but townes people of their said shippinge doe belonge unto Newcastell London & other remote places & unto of the country. And the said owners of Woodbridge have beene hindered within these two years by takeinge of their shippes unto his Majesties Service (where diverse of them still be) to the value of 800l att least albeit they hath received their paye which as yett they have not. …

Fourthly the Towne consisteth of Gent & others who live upon their lande & Artifficers and handicrafte men who have not any connection or relation to the Sea or to marchandise upon whome issuing heavye Charge shall be ymposed more then upon the Country they will be readie to forsake the said Towne, then the state of the said Towne will be quite overthrowne.