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The National Archives Civil War
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I can’t believe that some of my subjects blame me for the outbreak of this war! Some declare that they don’t trust me saying that I have been misled by evil advisers! This is just not true. I have every right to choose my ministers, demand my taxes, like ship money and call an end a parliament when I like. I am ordained as King by God. I control justice in this kingdom. I am above the law of men. I only answer to God’s law. I have the right to call and command an army to protect this Kingdom if necessary. I am defender of the faith. Everybody knows that from the sacred vows of my coronation. I firmly believe in my duty to my people and I expect obedience from all my three kingdoms and the support due to me as King. The Scots had no right to rebel against the English prayer book and the Irish had no right to resist my laws.