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The National Archives Civil War
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I believe that the changes that Archbishop Laud has brought about are right, but he does have a lot of enemies who do not agree. Certainly some people do not like the changes in to church services like more hymns and singing. They say there are too many candles and crosses and the church is no longer a simple place of worship. Puritans do not like these changes. They claim Archbishop Laud is turning our church back into the Catholic Church. Some of the Puritans are saying that he uses spies to arrest and punish without a proper trial those who do not agree with him. I certainly don’t believe that, I think the Puritans are making trouble. What about that Puritan, John Pym? Because of him the Earl of Strafford was executed. I think the Puritans are the main troublemakers! They are so extreme in their views that they have driven people to take sides and now we face the prospect of war.