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Why did Britain become a republic?

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(Catalogue ref: LR 2/124/5)

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LR2/124; inventory of goods, 1651

This document is part of an inventory from 1651. Whenever a person died it was normal to make a list, or inventory, of all their possessions. This helped the relatives to decide who would inherit particular items. If the dead person owed any debts, the inventory also showed what money and goods there were to pay the debts.

  1. What did this person own when they were alive? Click on the interactive button to explore this document.
  2. What kind of goods are listed here? (Clue: What are Holbein, Leonardo and Michelangelo famous for?)
  3. What can you tell about the person from these goods? To give you an idea of values, £2 in 1651 would be worth around £200 today.
  4. An inventory was a normal document in 1651. Yet this document would have been very shocking to people in 1651. Can you guess why?