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Why did Britain become a republic?


Part 1

Imagine you are living in Britain through these extraordinary years. Imagine you are living in 1653. Britain has a small but growing empire. It has lands in North America and the Caribbean. You have some relatives who left to live in the colonies in America in 1646.

Your challenge is to write a letter to your relatives explaining to them what has happened in the years since they left home (1647-53).

The letter will go by ship to them on the other side of the Atlantic. The events you are going to tell them about are so incredible, that you need to send some proof with the letter. Otherwise they might think you are just having some fun with them and making it all up. So you need to choose some documents to send with your letter to support what you write.

Work your way through the sources in this gallery. Make a note of any sources that strongly support your story. Remember that the post is very expensive so you will only be able to choose about 4-6 documents. Make sure you explain the importance of each document clearly.

This letter framework might help you.

Start writing your letter

Part 2

Why not bring your work into the 21st century? Take the sources you selected from this gallery (and a few others if you like) and copy and paste them into a PowerPoint presentation. Make sure you add comments to the sources. You could even record your comments and make it a multimedia presentation.