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Why did people want the king back in 1646?

Case study 2: Viewpoints, 1645-46 - Source 4

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Extract from a political pamphlet against the king, June 1646

(Catalogue ref: SP 16/514/33)

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SP16/514/33; pamphlet against Charles, 1646

What is this source?

This pamphlet argued against giving Charles control of the militia who had fought on the side of Parliament.


What's the background to this source?

This source was published as Charles surrendered in the war. The next big issue was to work out peace terms.


It's worth knowing that...

England did not have a regular army in the 1600s. It relied on local forces called militia. Every county had a militia. This was the basis for an army when the country went to war or had to face a rebellion or similar threat. In the past, the king had always been in charge of the militia. However, by 1646 there were plenty of new ideas around.


Your turn: What can we learn from this source?

  1. What did the writer say would happen if the king had control of the militia?
  2. Look at the first sentence of point 1 in the source. How does it describe the king?
  3. How would you describe the attitude of the writer towards the king?
  4. Do you think ideas like this were published widely before the Civil War?
  5. What sort of people would have agreed with the ideas of the writer?
  6. What sort of people would have disagreed with the ideas of the writer?
  7. How does this source help to explain why Charles gained support in 1646?