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Why did people want the king back in 1646?

Case study 1: Effects of war, 1642-45 - Source 4

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Petition of Mary Baker to stop a County Committee in Kent taking her husband’s money, July 1643

(Catalogue ref: SP 19/90)

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SP19/90; petition from Mary Baker, 1643

What is this source?

This source is a petition or request from Mary Baker to help her husband, Sir John Baker, whom had his land and goods taken by a County Committee in Kent. Then a warrant was issued to take more money from him.


What's the background to this source?

By the time this source was written the war had been going on for about a year. During that time both Parliament and the king used local supporters to raise money to pay for their armies. Controlling London and the South East of England gave Parliament a big advantage in its war effort against the king.


It's worth knowing that...

Areas controlled by Parliament were run by committees. Parliament’s County Committees controlled their areas very strictly. The committee in Kent probably took the Baker’s land because they supported the king.


Your turn: What can we learn from this source?

  1. What happened to Mary Baker’s husband?
  2. Why do you think the committee in Kent targeted him?
  3. According to this document, why could he not pay any more?
  4. How does this source help to explain why many people were supporting Charles in 1646?