(HO 73/3)

Extinguish Fires before Arrival of Engines or Firemen. -
Protect Houses when Families are out of Town. -
Protect Houses left open from Carelesness at Night.-
Taking care of and restoring lost children or upgrown persons. -
Taking care of Insane persons, till otherwise disposed of. -
Taking care of and obtaining relief for destitute persons,-
Taking persons meeting with Accidents to an Hospital. -
Prevent Accidents by Horses running Away. -

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Preventing Prize Fights in the district and often beyond. -
Lighting of the Lamps being properly attended to. -
Launching of Ships at Woolwich when the Royal Family has attended. -
Reviews at Woolwich Hyde Park etc
Funeral of William H". -
Calling persons up in a Morning. -
Preventing Music and other Noises in the Streets when persons are dangerously ill.-
Breaking down Fences & Trees particularly on Palm Sunday ---
Protecting Market Gardens more particularly in the Fruit Season. -
Anniversary of Gunpowder Plot protecting Fences etc.
Preventing Boys flying Kites in the Streets to frighten Horses.