(HO 44/18 f.3748 p39v lines 8-14)

It is discovered that a child, when 10 years old, can
learn to make a stocking in a few weeks, & that
he can be taught the art perfectly by paying a
master 1s per week for 2 years, the child re-
ceiving, in the meantime, all his earnings, ex -
cept that 1s.

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Parents have no longer any control over their child -
dren but, on the contrary, are dependant upon,
& governed by, them. Boys and girls leave the homes

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of their fathers,Thò of the same trade, & work &
lodge with others in the same village, whenever it
is more agreeable to them to do so than to remain under the parentage roof
the consequence of which is that, partly to
keep them out of greater mischief, & partly to re-
tain some benefit from their labour, parents
allow their children, while at home, to please
themselves in everything.