1.Population. The figures in the Statistics are
absolute figures of crime, without regard to population.
In the period of 34 years ever under review
the population has increased about 50 p.c. There
has also been an enormous emigration from the country

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to the Town, & this invites increase of crime.
Population affects the Statistics of all kinds of crime:

2. Police. The figures of crime much depend upon the
astuity of the Police. As increase of offences may
mean nothing except that more have been found
out, because the Police have been more active: a
slight apparent increase is thus compatible with a
real diminution, & a slight apparent decrease
is equally compatible with a real decrease of
considerable magnitude. The esabishment in
1878 of the Criminal Investigation department in
the Metropolitan Police has led to marked
consequences of this desrciption, and it need
not be said that during the last 40 years
enormous improvement has taken place in the
Constabulary Forces throughout the country.
This consideration of Police affects the Statistics
of all kinds of crime.