(CRIM 10/30)

1081. HENRY MASON, stealing 5lbs. of tea, value 5s. ; the goods of
Frederick Besley and others, his masters ; and JOHN BASTISHALL feloni-
ously receiving the same.
MESSRS. CLARKSON and Cooper conduced the Prosecution.
THOMAS LLOYD. I am a constable. Mason was an overlooker in the tea
Department at Nicholson's wharf. On Saturday, 21st April, about two o'clock
I was on the wharf and saw Mason come out of the warehouse - I followed
him into the Queen's Head public-house, which adjoins the premises - I went
in and saw him there, sitting on the settle, close to Batishall - I staid there
about five minutes and then left - I saw Mason come out and go into the
warehouse - he came out again, and I asked him who the man was that I had
seen in the parlour at Howard's (the Queen's Head) with him -he said that it
was only a man that his brother Jem knew - I asked if he had any tea about
him - he said, "No" -I felt in his apron and there found 3lbs. of tea in
the pocket - I said he had better come and see Mr. Besley, one of the part-
ners - he said that if I would let him go he would give me a sovereign ; that
he had a wife who was nearly dead, and a large family ; that he would give
me anything if I would let him go - I then sent for Mr. Besley and went to
the Queen's Head and looked where the two prisoners had been sitting, and
found a small quantity of tea on the settle, and a little on the ground where
they had been sitting - I afterwards went after Batishall ; I found him in
Botolph-lane, with a bundle in his hand - I asked if he had any tea about
him - he said, "No" - I examined the bundle and found that it contained
4 or 5lbs. of tea -…