Published by Authority

No. 12 Thursday February 26, 1828


On Sunday night 17th inst., the Banking-house of Messrs.
Walters, Voss, and Walters, at Swansea, was entered
by means of false keys, and Cash and Billls, to a considera-
ble amount, were stolen. The Swansea Association, for the
prosecution of Felons, do hereby offer a Reward of One
Hundred Pounds, to be paid upon the apprehension and
conviction of any one of the persons concerned in the Rob-
bery. The following is a description of the persons sus-
pected to have committed the Felony: - One of the persons
is about five feet eleven inches high, of about thirty years
of age, rather stout, black hair, and large whiskers, dark
complexion ; one leg is a trifle shorter than the other, and
the heel of one boot is much more worn than the other ; he
was dressed in a black coat, black pantaloons, white neck-
cloth, Wellington boots, and had a drab great coat, and is a
person of genteel appearance. The other is about thirty
years of age, five feet seven or eight inches high, slender
made, sandy hair, scarcely any whiskers, ruddy complexion,
light eyes, face marked either with summer freckles or the
small-pox, and was dressed in a brown dress coat, drab
great-coat, drab kerseymere trowsers, shoes and gaiters, and
a red silk handerkerchief about his neck. It is requested
that any information that can be given on this subject, may
be addressed to Messrs.Walters and Co., Bankers, or to
the Clerk to the Magistrates, Swansea.