(Statutes of the Realm 1671)

AND it is hereby enacted and declared That all and every person and persons, not haveing Lands and / Tenements or some other Estate of Inheritance in his owne or his Wifes right of the cleare yearely value of one
hundred pounds per annu or for terme of life, or haveing Lease or Leases of ninety nine years or for any / longer terme, of the cleare yearely value of one hundered and fifty pounds, other then the Sonne and Heire / apparent of an Esquire, or other person of higher degree. and the Owners and Keepers of Forrests, Parks, / Chases or Warrens, being stocked with Deere or Conies for their necessary use in respect of the said Forests, / Parks, Chases or Warrens are hereby declared to be persons by the Lawes of this Realme, not allowed to have / or keepe for themselves or any other person or persons any Guns, Bowes, Grey hounds, Setting-dogs, Ferretts, / Cony-doggs, Lurches, Hayes, Netts, Lowbells, Hare-pipes, Ginns, Snares, or other Engines aforesaid, But shall / be, and are hereby prohibited to have, keepe or use the same.