We beg leave to acquaint your Honours that on
the 1st Instant, Mr Edward Skeat one of the Landwaiters
at this Port, who proceeded with the Collectors and
several other officers of Excise, who had received
an Information against Captain Gwyn of his
his Majesty's Ship Ambuscade, of having run on
Shore and convey'd to his house at Upham
near Waltham, a large Quantity of Brandy, Rum,
Arrack and Wine, agreable to which Information
they immediately proceeded and found in the
house of said Captain Gwyn the following
particulars, Viz. five Casks two Hampers
containing Brandy, four Casks Rum, Eleven

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large Bottles Arrack, One hogshead of Spanish,
three half Hogsheads and one Pipe of Lisbon
Wine, and one hogshead, three hampers of
Clavet, all which Liquors the Officers would
have brought away with them, but were
Obstructed by a Number of People assembled,
not less than thirty, amongst the Mob was
Captain Gwyn frequently, and as fast as the
Officers endeavoured to bring the said Liquors Away, the same was taken from them
the Country People, therefore whatever the Officers
endeavored to do, proving ineffectual, at last
were Obliged to leave behind them the Said