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The 18th. July 1743 The Commissioners Acquainted
Mr.Scrope, for the Information of the Lords of the
Treasury,That the Officers at Dover had
Represented to them, That on the 14th of that Month
Henry Dominy Mate of the Sloop in the Service of
the Customs at that Port being on a Cruize in
Hythe Bay, saw a Cutter Commanded by one Jacob
Peake, a Notorious Smugler, Close into the Shore at
Brockman's Barn, and perceived a large Quantity
of Tea on the Beach, on which he made to the Shore
in his Boat and Crew, but were fired at by at least
Forty Smuglers, who were Armed with Blunderbusses
and other Fire Arms, who Beat off the said Dominy
and his Crew - That the Customhouse Sloop coming
up to their Assistance, was fired at by Peake's
Cutter, and forcibly Beat off - There were on the
Beach near the Tea One hundred Men with their

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Horses - At the same time the Smuglers detained Mr.Cadman
Tidesurveyor at Folkstone, and his Boat's Crew as Prisoners
on board Peake's Vessel - The Commissioners desired that the
Lords of the Treasury wou'd please to be a means that a Man
of War might be Stationed on that Coast, to Assist the Officers,
and prevent Smugling.~

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Mr.Scope by letter of the 28th. July 1743 Signified to
the Commissioners, That the Lords Justices having been
made Acquainted with the Opposition the Officers met
with from Jacob Peake and his Gang, were pleased to
give Orders to the Lords of the Admiralty to Assist
the Officers there, with some of His Majesty's Ships of
War, And that their Lordships had directed the
Commander in Chief of His Majesty's Ships in the Downs
And the Captain of the Deptford Prize Cruizing on that
Coast, to be Aiding and Assisting to the Officers of the
Customs - The Commissioners of the Customs Signified the
same to their Officers for their Government, in Applying
to the Men of War as Occasion offered.~