(SP 16/269) (85)

On cover:
Dated: 15 June 1634
From: Bishop of Chester concerning the witches.
To the right honourable Sir John Cooke, and Sir Francis Windebank Knights
Principall Secretaries to his Majestie and Lords of his Majesties honourable Privy Counsell --- or to either of them.

Margaret Johnson widow, aged 60 yeares or theraboutes saide That shee hath beene a Witch
about 6 yeares last past; and that shee was brought therto, upon some troubles
and vexations of her badd neighbours; And, about that time walking in the
highway in Marsden in the parish of Whalley, there appeared to her a Man in
blacke Attire trussed with blacke pointes, who said to her: If shee would give
him her soule, shee should want nothinge, but should have power to hurt whom
shee would both man and beast; but shee then refused and therupon hee vanished.
In this manner hee oft times resorted to her, till at last shee yeilded to him,
and hee gave her into her hand some silver and gold (as shee thought) but it
vanished soone againe, and shee knowes not how: for shee was ever bare and poore
though hee oft gave her the like. And shee asked his name and hee called
himselfe Mamilion: …And/
after this hee appeared to her in other shapes: as sometimes of a browne coloured
Dogg; sometimes of a white Catt, and at other times like an hare; and that these
did sucke her blood at 2 Duggs or papps in her privie partes; one wherof
is as bigg (shee saith) as her litle Finger, and halfe as long; the other lesse:
But since shee lay in prison they have shrunke upp and growne lesse then formerly.