(SP 15/27A)

i) Articles againste John Hamertun of hellifeld pale in the
county of yorke esquier for certaine tretorus wourdes by
him at sundrye tymes most undutifully and wickedlye spoken
and utterede againste the quenes majestie & her hignes procedinges

Itemprimis the said Hamartonn haith divirs tymes spoken and said that thay weare
all heritickes that ar of this Religionn which nowe is preached and sett fourth
accordinge to Godes wourde and the quenes majestis procedinges
…and that he was bonnorrs mann, and helpede to sett fyar & faggott
to the moste that weare bourned in smithfeld, for the which he said he yett Reioyseth
to thinke howe thay friede in the flames, and what good servis he had donne god in
furtheringe ther death

ii) Item he said that the pope of Roume was ever, and is yeat, head of the churech
nexte under god …and it is vemenutly suspectede in
his house yf it be searched to finde bookes, beades or such other papist-
ticall libels as will veryfye the same, finis

iii) Item the said Hamertonn is vehemenntly suspected latlye of certaine mo tretorus
speches that he shoulde speake in one William Ardingtons house in Cravine in the
presence of one Henrye Ardingtonn, his wyfe and others, that Campionn &
those that suffered with hime, was wrongfully condemned, and did not desarve
death, or such like wourdes in effect, for more proufe ther of, examenn the
vicckar of Cargreve in Crevine what he haithe hard concerning the same,
and the said Henrye Ardington, who is a moste fethfull protistante and
will uttar the trauth