(Sp45/10 f.208)

By the King.
A Proclamation for quickning the Lawes made
for the reliefe of the poore, and the suppressing, punish-
ing, and setling of the sturdy Rogues, and Vagabonds.

WHereas many excellent Lawes and Statutes with great judge-
ment and providence have been made in the times of Our late deare
and royall father, and of the late Queene Elizabeth, for the reliefe
of the impotent, and indigent poore, and for the punishing, suppres-
sing, and setling of the sturdy Rogues, and Vagabonds, which
Lawes and Statutes, if they were duely observed would be of ex-
ceeding great use for the peace and plentie of this Realme, but the
neglect thereof is the occasion of much disorder, and many insuffe-
rable abuses…
…yet the
apparent and visible danger of the Pestilence,…
…doth much more re-
quire the same at this present.