(SP10/8 f.66)


…………….…many Idle vagaboundes and others leude
and sedycyous persons being voyded of all feare of god and
forgettynge their bounden deutye of allegyaunce to us
do styll loyter and use sedycyous and stubborne talkes
reffusing to labour………...
………………………………you shall
cause our Justyces of the peace and all other our
mynysters offycers and good subjectes of that shyre
to inquyre dyligently therof and suche as shall either
by spreding of sedycyous tales and rumours, or by out
cryes, ringing of belles, soundyng of trumpettes, drummes
or any other wayes what soever go about to reyse
our people or make any styrres or assembles of
them otherwyse them by ordre from us as ys aforsaid
and the same by god prove well appear unto you /
you shall cause to be for the with apprehended and as
rebelles and open treatours to us and our Realme to be
without delaye hanged and executed openly to
the terrour of others / and suche as be vacaboundes
or Idle persons refusyng to labour / our pleasure is you
shall cause to be lyke wyse apprehended and strayghtly
punyshed as vagaboundes……….


Many idle vagabonds and other lewd and rebellious persons, showing no fear of God and forgetting their duty of allegiance to us, do still loiter and use rebellious and stubborn talk, refusing to do work…
…You shall cause our Justices of the Peace and our other ministers, officers and good subjects of that county, to find those who are spreading seditious tales and rumours, or raising outcries, ringing bells, sounding trumpets or drums, or using any other ways to raise the people or gather any meetings which have not been ordered by us. When they appear, you shall forthwith arrest them as rebels and open traitors to us and our realm, and they are to be, without delay, hanged and executed openly to the terror of others. Vagabonds or idle persons refusing to work are to be similarly arrested and punished………