(Oxfordshire Records Society vol. LVI, 1047)

Emma wife of Walter of Elsfield appeals Roger Mock that on the Thursday after Epiphany [8 January] 1238 he came to her in her house and hit her with a pair of tongs in the eye so that she lost her right eye. And that he did this wickedly and feloniously against the king's peace she offer to prove. Roger comes and denies everything, and since it is demonstrated that she made no appeal against him until now and this happened 3 years ago, it is adjudged that the appeal is null, and let an enquiry be made by jury. The jurors say that Roger is not guilty, so he is acquitted, and likewise John Mock who was appealed of force, but they say that Walter of Elsfield, Emma's husband, hit her so that she lost her eye, so he is committed to gaol.