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  WORK 30/5978 This is a plan of Coldbath Fields Prison, London, as it was in 1884. Coldbath Fields was an old prison, re-built in 1794 and added to in 1850. It held about 1,000 prisoners. The newer section is coloured pink.
  In Source 1, find: the old prison, the new prison, the Treadwheel House, the Flour Mill, the bakery, the kitchen, the two laundries, the Oakum Shed, the Chief Warder's house, the Governor's house, the Governor's greenhouse, coachhouse and stable, the Fever Hospital, the exercise yards, the cocoa shed.
Worksheet Instructions
  Put some of the evidence you have found from these sources into your Gallery Worksheet.
  WORK 30/5978  plan of Coldbath Fields Prison, 1884