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  E215/860 account of fees charged by gaoler

E215/860 account of fees charged by gaoler. This account from 1630 shows the fees charged by Thomas Cooke, the gaoler at the Bridewell House of Correction in Southwark, London. Vagrants did not pay, but this would be reflected in the conditions in which they were kept


Work your way slowly through Source 1.
Look for all the different kinds of people the House of Correction was intended for.
Was the House of Correction intended to reform or punish those sent there?
Use Sources 2 and 3 to describe the three punishments Thomas Savage received in Chester in 1749.
How much did the gaoler at the Bridewell in 1630 get paid, (Source 4) ?
Don't look too hard at Source 5 if you are squeamish.

Worksheet Instructions
  Put some of the evidence you have found from these sources on to your Gallery Worksheet.