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ASSI 35/44/6 Gaol Delivery Files, 1602

ASSI 35/68/5. Kent Assizes, Kent, 1626

  a)ASSI 35/44/6 Gaol Delivery Files and b)ASSI 35/68/5.
These two cases show offences for which people were executed. Source 1a is from 1602, from the Kent Assizes. It was one of three highway robbery offences committed by these three men and tried at these Assizes. Source 1b is also from Kent, in 1626. It was William May's only offence.

Look at the value of the goods stolen in each case. Do they reach the £5 threshold for a capital offence?

Worksheet Instructions
  Put some of the evidence you have found from these sources on to your Gallery Worksheet.
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