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C66/171 m.27 patent roll.


C66/171 m.27 patent roll; in the Middle Ages, gangs of armed men could pose a severe threat to law and order. One such gang was the de Folvilles, who terrorised parts of Leicestershire in the 1320s and 1330s (See Gallery Crime before 1450, Case-Study 1, Source 6 for the kind of things they got up to.)

In Source 3(a) we see King Edward III pardoning four de Folvilles and some of their gang in 1329 in return for their help to him in putting down a rebellion. However, in Source 3(b), from 1340, another de Folville, actually a parson, is put in the Tower.


Follow the case of Germanus Clerk and the various ways he tried to avoid the law's toughest punishments.

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