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Crime and Punishment
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PUNISHMENT: The Big Question

Has the purpose of punishment changed over time?

Choose some of these sources for your TV programme, and fill in the sound track to explain how your source illustrates the point you are making.

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Reasons for punishing offenders:

  1. Removing the offender from society
  2. Hurting the offender
  3. Detering others
  4. Public shame
  5. Changing the offender so he/she avoids crime in the future

Source Title and Your Sound Track
Reason number


Medieval punishments 2

Capital Punishment 1

The Bloody Code 2

Houses of Correction and other punishments 1

Houses of Correction and other punishments 3

Houses of Correction and other punishments 5

Victorian Prisons 1

Victorian Prisons 2

Victorian Prisons 8

Treatment of Juvenile Criminals 5

Punishing young offenders 3

Punishing young offenders 5