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Education site account help

To use some parts of the Education website you need to "sign in". This allows us to save the work you do online so that you can come back to it another day. First you need to create an account (you only do this once), then afterwards you can sign in as many times as you want using the email address and password you gave us.

Creating an account

We only ask you to give us your email address and your first name. If you like, you can also give us a few other details about yourself and your school. We only use your details to administer your Education site account and to improve your experience of the website. We won't give your details to anyone outside the National Archives, and we won't send you any emails that you haven't asked for (further information is in our Privacy Statement). It is useful if you give us your real email address, because we can then send you your password if you forget it! You can always change your account details or delete your account if you want to.

Signing in

To sign in, enter the email address and password which you gave us when you created your account. If you have forgotten your password, follow the "Forgotten your password?" link. We can then email it to the address on your account. Once you have signed in, use the "Change your password", "Change your personal details" and "Delete your account" links to change your account. The "[X] Quit" link will take you back to the page in the website where you were working before you signed in.

Cookies and JavaScript

Signing in to the Education website requires "cookies". In particular, we use a temporary (session) cookie to keep track of you while you are using the site, and you have to let your computer accept these session cookies from the Education site for your account to work. This cookie only lasts as long as your browser is open, and we do not use the cookie to keep any permanent records about you.

Some parts of the site also require JavaScript (also know as "Active Scripting"), while other parts are improved if you have JavaScript enabled. However, you should still be able to use nearly all the site without JavaScript enabled.




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