Transcript: Domesday entry for Hampshire (Source: E31/2/1 f.39)

The King holds RINGWOOD in demesne.
Earl Tosti held it. It was then assessed at 28 hides; now at nothing.
When the sheriff received it, [there were] only 10 hides, the rest were in the [Isle of]
Wight; there are now 6 hides, the remainder are in the forest.
There is land for 16 ploughs. In demesne are 4 ploughs; and 56 villans and 21
bordars with 13 ploughs, and 1 radknight with half a plough.
There is a church to which belongs half a hide in alms.
There are 8 slaves, and a mill rendering 22s, and 105 acres of meadow.
TRE it was worth £24; and afterwards £16; now £8.10s; yet it renders £12.10s at
20[d] to the ora.
On 4 hides, which are in the forest, dwelt 14 villans and 6 bordars with ploughs, and
a mill rendering 30d, and woodland for 189 pigs as pannage.
That which the King
has is worth £7.10s by tale.

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