Transcript: Domesday entry for Ely (Source: E31/2/1 f.192)

Ely is assessed as 10 hides. There is land for 20 ploughs. In demesne [are] 5 hides, and there can be a sixth.
There are 40 villans, each [with] 15 acres, with 14 ploughs.
There are 28 cottars and 20 slaves.
From the fisheries, 3,750 eels, [and] from gifts [of fish], 2s3d. [There is] meadow for 20 ploughs, [and] pastures for the livestock of the vill. There are 3 arpents of vineyards.
In all it is worth £30; when received, £20; TRE £33.
All this manor always was and is demesne.

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