Transcript: Domesday Broadwater - Archbishop Lanfranc translation
(Source: E31/2/1 f.133)

The land of the Archbishop of Canterbury
ARCHBISHOP LANFRANC holds a hide in Datchworth, and Ansketil [holds]
of him. There is land for 2 ploughs. In demesne [is] 1 plough; and 3 villans with 2
bordars have 1 plough.[There is] meadow for half an ox, [and] woodland for 50 pigs.
It is worth 30s; when received, 20s; TRE 60s.
Aelfric Black held this land of the Abbot of Westminster
TRE; he could not alienate it from the church, as the hundred testifies,
but in respect of other lands he was Archbishop Stigand’s man.

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