Hundreds of books and scholarly articles have been written about Domesday and the world of Domesday. The below is just a small selection.

R Bartlett, England Under the Norman and Angevin Kings 1075-1225 (Oxford, 2000)

D Carpenter, The Struggle for Mastery: Britain 1066-1284 (London, 2003)

H C Darby, Domesday England (Cambridge, 1979)

E Hallam and David Bates (editors), Domesday Book, ed. (Stroud, 2001) contains useful bibliography

E Hallam, Domesday Book Through Nine Centuries (London, 1986)

S Harvey, Domesday: Book of Judgement (Oxford, 2014)

M Morris, The Norman Conquest (London, 2013)

R W H Reskine and Ann Williams (editors), The Story of Domesday Book, (Chichester, 2003; first published 1987)

D Roffe, Domesday the Inquest and the Book (Oxford, 2000)

D Roffe and K S B Keats-Rohan, Domesday Now: New Approaches to the Inquest and the Book (Woodbridge, 2016)

T Rowley, Norman England (London, 1997)

T Rowley, The Norman Heritage 1066-1200 (London, 1983)

A Williams and G H Martin (eds), Domesday Book: A Complete Translation (Penguin, 2003)

Online resources

The National Archives’ research guide to Domesday Book

Open Domesday

Prosopography of Anglo-Saxon England – includes a searchable database providing structured information of individuals named in Domesday

British History Online - Digital library of British historical resources.

A Vision of Britain Through Time- Maps, statistical trends and historical descriptions depicting Britain between 1801 and 2001.

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