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227219 - Minton & Co - 09 February 1869 - Spoon Warmer
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227219 - Minton & Co - 09 February 1869 -  Spoon Warmer

Class 4. Minton & Co. [Factory shape number?] 1456.

Note the number 1456 in white script on the photograph. This is the factory shape number for this particular item and will normally be found impressed or painted on the base of each item made to this design. It can be a useful aid to identification when other marks are absent or obscured. Joan Jones Minton, The First Two Hundred Years of production, Swan Hill Press, 1993, page 352 which lists this shape as 'spoon warmer' and states that it was designed for majolica glaze decoration. Unfortunately, only one other Minton design in the Gallery, design 215481, includes the shape number.

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