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216450 - Carpi, Loly & Co - 05 February 1868 - Pattern for a plate in black
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216450 - Carpi, Loly & Co - 05 February 1868 -  Pattern for a plate in black

A new Design in Class 4. [Pattern name?] The King and Queen of Greece.

This commemorative design celebrates the wedding of the King and Queen of Greece, the design giving the date as 15 October 1867 (the actual date of the wedding being 27 October 1867) King George (his Greek title) was born into the Danish royal family as Prince William in 1845. In 1863 he was nominated to the Greek throne by Britain, France and Russia. The Greek National Assembly accepted the nomination and George reigned until he was assassinated at Salonika [Thessaloniki] in 1913. King George married Olga Konstantinova, a member of the Russian Romanov royal family. They were to have eight children, the seventh being Andrew, the father of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II. For two other designs celebrating this marriage see designs 242011 & 227668 The mottoes may be translated as (left to right and ribbons first) 'Unity of the Greek race', 'My strength is the people's love', 'May God save the royal couple' and 'They married on the 15 October 1867'. The words in laurel wreaths around the rim are the names of the Greek mainland and island provinces.

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