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211290 - Wedgwood & Co - 17 September 1867 - Pattern for a plate in black
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211290 - Wedgwood & Co - 17 September 1867 -  Pattern for a plate in black

The pattern includes an example of a mark including PATENT and T P above PARIS WHITE IRONSTONE and [pattern name] WORONZOFF.

This company was independent of and should not be confused with Josiah Wedgwood & Sons of Etruria. The printed factory mark/backstamp included suggests that it was intended to be used on ironstone bodies, while the initials 'TP' flanking the royal arms mark almost certainly refer to the Odessa based agents/retailers, Trachtenberg & Panthes. The pattern name 'Woronzoff' commemorates the Tsarist governor of the Ukraine, Prince Mikhail Vorontsov (1782-1856), whose statue forms the centre of the design. Vorontsov was governor of New Russia from 1823 to 1844 having fought with distinction in the resistance to the invasion by Napoleon. His statue was erected in 1863 in Cathedral Square [later Soviet Army Square] in Odessa, where it still stands. For an almost identical design by another Staffordshire potter see design 212765, for an alternative view of the same statue see design 185473 and for topographical views of Kiev, the capital of the Ukraine, see design 229013.

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