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Create and save your own research projects in the Writing Frame

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The Writing Frame can be used in two ways; you can use one of the pre-constructed research projects or you can create your own. To create your own, you will need to research your own sources and add them to your project. Make sure you include sources from a selection of authors to explore different viewpoints.

Download guidelines for working with primary historical sources:


More about this tool

The Writing Frame is an interactive software tool designed to support your use of primary historical resources through pre-constructed investigations in the following ways:

  • Understand the content of a source
  • Consider what information the source contributes to a particular line of the research project
  • Consider issues such as reliability and typicality in relation to the research project
  • Consider each source in the context of other available sources and information, such as your own knowledge and the work of historians
  • Reach a conclusion based on what the sources suggest about a particular line of the research project
  • Communicate an opinion clearly and support it with evidence taken from the sources you used

This tool can also be used to create an independent research project on the subject of your choice using sources from this site or from other copyright holders.