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The cabinet papers are a unique collection of conclusions and reference materials that detail the role of Cabinet and its history.

This section presents a selection of cabinet papers using thematic and chronological historical overviews, covering three main themes of British Governance in the 20th century.

The United Kingdom and the world

'Together For Victory' - A Second World War poster depicting the allegiance of Australia and Britain against a common enemy.

These packages highlight the United Kingdom's world relations in war and peace; from the great wars and confrontations of the 20th century, to the negotiation of treaties, alliances and agreements and the disintegration of empire.

The economy, business and resources

James Callaghan, former Labour Party Leader and Prime Minister, addresses party members.

These packages bring together different aspects of the United Kingdom's economic development and performance. They also examine the interaction between finance, business and the resources and communications used.

Society and the Welfare State

Demand for glasses soared as spectacles became available on the new NHS.

The way ordinary people live, work and interact with government has changed dramatically over the last 100 years. These packages chart the changes in the government's approach to the challenges of society in the United Kingdom during a period of unprecedented change.