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CAB 24 interwar memoranda

From 1919 to 1939, with the return to a traditional Cabinet size, the referencing notation for Cabinet memoranda changed to CP. Up until 1922 these papers were numbered consecutively from 1 to 4379, resembling the G and GT series before. From 1923 onwards a new referencing system was used. It included the year, so CP (39) 1 denotes the first paper laid before the Cabinet in 1939. In the earliest stages, the year sometimes followed the paper number CP 200 (23). The sub-series of reports is listed separately, similar to the First World War period.

Cabinet Memoranda 1919 to 1922

Cabinet Memoranda 1924 to 1929

Cabinet Memoranda 1931 to 1935

Cabinet Memoranda 1937 to 1939